Apples to apples comparisons in higher ed funding

Critics of increased funding for higher education in North Dakota are fond of adding numbers together and creating charts that create false pictures of where money is going and then declaring, “These are the facts.” The truth is these exaggerated visuals are not the facts because critics are not comparing apples to apples.  One-time funding is not the same as ongoing funding Because of the booming economy in North Dakota and the resulting positive position of the state’s finances, the Governor and Legislature last session approved generous one-time funding for capital improvements for many state agencies. For higher education, that one-time state appropriation for capital projects was $178 million.  As …Read more  »

Dispelling myths about higher education spending

Information comes at us from all directions and in ever-changing formats in today’s world. It’s often difficult to tell the difference between fact and fiction, myth and reality, responsible journalism and tongue-in-cheek entertainment. This section in our newsletter was created to provide a resource for those who want to know the “rest of the story.” Using headcount paints false picture of staffing increases Yes, the number of people employed by the North Dakota University System has increased over the years. There are many reasons, but here’s an important one to remember: To serve our students’ growing needs and use resources efficiently, we hired part-time people at a faster rate than …Read more  »