Interim Chancellor Skogen Focusing on Future

November 17, 2013

skogenDr. Larry C. Skogen says his appointment as Interim Chancellor of the North Dakota University System (NDUS) is giving him the opportunity to help provide NDUS with a fresh start. He has been sharing that message with faculty and staff, students, media and community and business leaders throughout the state during the past few weeks (above photos, from left to right: Interim Chancellor Skogen touring the new Rec Center under construction in Williston, speaking at the Economic Development Conference in Jamestown, and visiting with DSU President D.C. Coston, left, and Sen. Rich Wardner, right, in Dickinson).

“The past year has had its challenges, but it’s a new day now,” said Skogen. “The Board, the North Dakota University System and the presidents of our colleges and universities all share the same goal – to provide our students with a quality education that helps them take full advantage of the ever-growing job opportunities in North Dakota.”

Skogen’s appointment as Interim Chancellor by the State Board of Higher Education took effect November 1 and will run through June 2015.

“We will continue to work hard to have the best possible educational system for our students,” he said. “This includes improving graduation rates, better preparing students to succeed in their chosen path at one of our institutions, and keeping the cost of higher education affordable in our state.”

Skogen said that one of the NDUS initiatives now under way to achieve those goals is the Pathways to Student Success Plan, a direction that the SBHE approved in 2012. “The Pathways to Student Success concept from a 40,000 foot view is designed to take our system to a higher level of performance and accountability,” he said. “We are now drilling down to the details, working collaboratively with all those involved in or impacted by this plan. We are ensuring that we are making data-driven decisions that always keep students foremost in our minds.”