Kyle Beckstead ’09

November 17, 2013

Kyle BecksteadKyle Beckstead started at Mayville State in 2005 and graduated in 2009 with a degree in physical education, psychology minor. He is current teaching physical education at Grand Forks Central High School, and is the head baseball coach and freshman football coach. He has begun a master’s program, setting his sights on becoming a principal or athletic director in the future. Watch Kyle’s video here.

Why did you choose Mayville State?

You don’t feel like a number at Mayville State. I got to know all my teachers, my classmates and everyone around me on a personal basis. You don’t get lost in the shuffle. I like the small community feel.

Was there a particular course that benefited you most in your career?

The “methods” classes where I actually got to go out and start teaching and working with kids. There’s a lot of “hands on” here. You’re not sitting back watching or listening to my teacher lecture. When you teach lessons to your fellow classmates it can be intimidating. But the teachers evaluate you as a teacher. You know what the pros and cons are, and you know what things you need to work on. By the time you graduate, you’re ready to go.

What would you like to tell others about your experience at Mayville State?

The education at Mayville gives you the confidence you need when you go out to get a job. This school is known for producing quality teachers, and I definitely agree with that. The principal at my current school said, “When an application from a Mayville state student comes across my desk, I look at it.” They have the confidence they need and are well prepared when they go into the classroom. I really had a positive experience here. I wouldn’t do anything different.