VCSU’s Prairie Waters Center Receives Grant for High School Wetlands Program

September 11, 2014

Eleven join VCSU faculty

Eleven new full-time instructors have joined the VCSU faculty this fall, including Sharon Bratrud, M.S., AT, LAT, assistant professor and athletic training clinical coordinator; Luis da Vinha, Ph.D., assistant professor of geography; Karri Dieken, MFA, assistant professor of art; Rachelle Hunt, M.Ed., AT, LAT, assistant professor and athletic training program director; Razib Iqbal, Ph.D., assistant professor in software engineering; Susan Kilgore, Ph.D., assistant professor of geology; Jason Laczkoski, M.A., instructor of woodwinds and music history; Steven Listopad, M.S., assistant professor of communication arts and director of student media; Nicholaus Meyers, D.M.A., assistant professor of music; Angela Williams, M.Ed., assistant professor of physical education; and Laurel Westby, M.S., instructor of education.


Prairie Waters receives grant for high school wetlands program

VCSU’s Prairie Waters Education and Research Center has received a $9,900 grant from the North Dakota Natural Resources Trust to implement a wetlands education program for North Dakota high schools. The program will incorporate three seasonal field activities at Stoney Slough National Wildlife Refuge. High schools participating this year are Enderlin, Hatton, Linton, May-Port CG and Wahpeton.