“Envision AI”

November 28, 2018

Artificial Intelligence and Privacy the focus of most recent Envision event


A mid-November workshop at Bismarck State College continued North Dakota University System’s look into all things digital during the Envision AI event.

The daylong conference brought together digital-focused leaders from around the state and university system to discuss goals, strategies and challenges among such wide-ranging topics as Artificial Intelligence, Data Privacy and more.

The morning and afternoon sessions were punctuated by nationally-renowned experts.

President of the New England Complex Systems Institute Yaneer Bar-Yam, Ph.D., led discussion in the morning session by referring to practical and theoretical outcomes of a world more focused on AI. He noted that although automation and AI could negatively impact workforce, it was equally likely that they would bolster human capabilities and productivity in the increasingly digital age.

Stockdale Professor of Professional Military Ethics for the U.S. Naval War College Martin Cook, Ph.D. offered a more philosophical view on the implications of a world that was both more digitally-connected than ever at the same time as being more digitally-run. Cook offered additional perspective about the blurred lines of AI capabilities versus human intuition and discretion on where and when it may be highly inappropriate to trust to the decisions of certain automated processes.

Participants noted that the framework of the day and input from featured guests and group discussions aided the work of many in the state, who continue to aim to address the emerging problems and opportunities related to the day’s topics in the state.

Vice Chancellor of Strategy and Strategic Engagement James “Phil” Wisecup noted that the event brought forward numerous items of interest.

“It’s interesting to see the mix of specialists and experts coming together for an event like this, which attempts to look at all facets of a problem to get ahead of it,” Wisecup said. “In North Dakota and elsewhere we’re going to be running into digital problems more and more, so events like this help us all in our attempts to stay one step ahead.”