NDSU Staff Profile – Skoy

November 16, 2018

What were some of the best memories from your time back on campus? Chances are, they may have involved some type of extracurricular pursuit or maybe intramural sport, perhaps a student rally around a major holiday or local event, or another of the countless activities organized by your campus.

And, chances are, they were influenced in part by people like Matt Skoy.

Skoy currently serves as the Director for Student Activities at North Dakota State University, where he’s been since 2017. His time at NDSU has focused on ensuring students get the most out of their time at the university. Before he served as director, he was the department’s Associate Director. Prior to that, he served as the Assistant Director for Service Learning and Civic Engagement. Prior to employment at NDSU, Skoy received a football scholarship to NDSU, where he participated in varsity athletics as a student student-athlete and completed his undergraduate degree in Business Administration. He then went on to Iowa State University to complete his Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration. Currently, Skoy is in the process of completing his Doctoral degree in Education with an emphasis in Intuitional Analysis from NDSU.

Suffice it to say, if you’re a student at NDSU and you’re looking for something to do, Skoy and his department of five professional staff, five graduate assistants, and 22 student staff can help you find your way.

“Every day I get the privilege of working with this wonderful team,” Skoy said. “We all work together to serve students and provide quality co-curricular experiences to aid in student development.”

Working with a great team can set the foundation for a tremendous work experience. For Skoy, that’s certainly been the case. Having the opportunity to keep students engaged is another.

“I appreciate the students and staff I get the chance to work with on a daily basis,” he noted. “The staff care so much about the well-being of students. Their passion for student success is contagious. I am grateful to be part of this team. The students are also amazing! NDSU students are excited to learn and are constantly working on professional and personal growth and development.”

Through the years, Skoy has witnessed plenty of organizational and staffing changes.

“This can be a challenge, but more importantly an opportunity to approach our profession through a new lens,” he noted. “During times of transition, the opportunity to reevaluate process and structure becomes paramount. In the midst of change, I know our team will work through the change with grace and humility with our focus always on students. This is why I tend to view change and challenges as opportunities for growth.”

Through the challenges, he’s managed to keep a great attitude. So great that he was honored earlier this year with the Mary McCannel Gunkelman Recognition Award. The award is given to the person whose work focuses on created a “welcoming and happy atmosphere on campus.”

Skoy notes that family and faith are the most important things in his life, giving him a solid footing from which to move forward.

“My church and spiritual journey is the foundation of my life,” he said. “My family is the bedrock of my life, and the quest for growth and development in others and myself wakes me up every morning.”