Envision 2030 shaping strategy

May 25, 2018

Two years after the initial educational summit that kicked off the Envision 2030 initiative, the process has brought forward the first round of recommendations to the State Board of Higher Education.

Initially conceived from the May 2016 summit’s breakout sessions, the goals across 10 different student and workforce “Pillars” have been grouped into three different phases: the short-term of 2019, the mid-term of 2021, and the long-term of 2030. At many junctures these goals and recommendations have had to take economic details into consideration, resulting in goals for the early phases that align with what campuses are already doing well.

Early recommendations have a tendency to favor gradual approaches to certain topics, encouraging campuses, programs or departments to continue on tracks where they’ve found success, or to find ways to study efforts that could result in more opportunity systemwide.

Chancellor Mark Hagerott noted that the initiative would have been at a loss if not for the feedback it had generated from the North Dakota University System’s many stakeholder and constituent groups.

“Two years ago system office staff began the process of seeing if consensus existed among these varied and diverse Pillar topics,” Hagerott said. “After hundreds of conversations, dozens of meetings and listening sessions, and two recent summits attended by students, faculty and staff, we think that we have reached that consensus. We are incredibly grateful for the detailed analyses and perspectives that have been given to us on these numerous topics. The feedback is a strong reminder that we’re all in this together, and all those who participated in this process want the best for higher education in our state.”

Hagerott provided a report on the process to the Board this week, touching on high points relating to funding, partnerships, workforce protection, and maintaining a high degree of opportunities for student success. The report for the 2019 recommendations is set to be finalized soon and provided to the Board in advance of its strategic retreat and annual meeting in June.