Dickinson State University campus successes

April 27, 2018

Celebration of Scholars event highlights student research

Dickinson State held the annual Celebration of Scholars event Saturday, April 21, on the University’s campus. Celebration of Scholars is a conference where DSU students are encouraged to showcase and present their original, scholarly work either as a poster presentation, oral presentation, fine arts performance or fine arts display. Proposals for research are submitted by students throughout the year.

The 2018 first place winners by category are:

  • Best Oral Presentation – Agriculture & Natural Science: Levi Bassett
    • “Land Management Changes and its Effects on Soil Nutrients”
  • Best Oral Presentation – Nursing: Kelsey Deichert, Tammy Burke and Helen Anukwu
    • “Post-Operative Cognitive Dysfunction”
  • Best Oral Presentation – Communication, Political Science, Language & Literature: Suzanna Moberg
    • “Engaging Secondary English Students: Implementing Elementary Engagement Techniques to Benefit High School Students in the English Classroom”
  • Best Poster Presentation – Education: Logan Caulk
    • “Caring for the Uncared-For”
  • Best Poster Presentation – Agriculture & Natural Science: Jonathan Aman
    • “The Diversity of Microbial Communities in the Gastrointestinal Tract”
  • Best Poster Presentation – Nursing: Jennilyn Adkins, Christina Culver, Kayley Bogue and Kimberly Nollmeyer
    • “Nursing Bedside Shift Report”
  • Best Poster Presentation – Psychology: Michaela Gorman
    • “Measuring Stress in Students after Equine and Art Therapies”
  • Best Visual Arts Presentation: Eden Jackson
    • “Vanitas”


VPAA leads initiatives to increase retention, improve student programming

The office of academic and student affairs, led by provost and vice president for academic and student affairs Dr. Carmen Wilson, has been striving diligently to revise student programming, to implement retention strategies and to collaborate with the finance and administration division to create student-centered learning commons that will provide opportunity for higher levels of engagement and community building. Plans are underway to renovate the student cafeteria into a “living room area” that students may utilize 24 hours a day 7 days a week as both a cafeteria and a place to gather with classmates, play games, and utilize modernize computer lab and study areas.

Another initiative underway to increase retention has been under planning since last summer. Leading this important campus initiative, Dr. Wilson has been effective in implementing a mobile app for students that will help them understand better their pathway toward graduation with planning tools at their fingertips on their mobile device. This new application, called “Guide”, will be introduced at all new student orientations beginning in April, and is scheduled to be available to the entire student body in the 2018 Academic Year.


Division of Finance & Administration heading campus improvement projects


The Blue Hawk campus remains busy as the vice president for finance and administration Marty Parsons leads the way in addressing deferred maintenance and safety issues. Construction began over spring break and will continue throughout the summer to address needs in HVAC, student life, and safety issues such as fire suppression and security enhancements. It is wonderful to have Marty leading the charge, setting the tone for his staff as they strive to build a campus for which we can all be proud and enjoy safely together well into the future.