LRSC Staff profile – Eback

April 27, 2018

The end of an era is looming at Lake Region State College: the retirement of one of the college’s longtime staffers who has been a fixture of the school for decades.

And also, the likely end of her creation: the McJan.

Janice Eback has worked at LRSC’s Dining Services Department for nearly four decades. Just last year, Eback was honored by the school for 35 years of service, and she’s got plans to retire at the end of the school year.

During her time at the college, Eback has done a wealth of work – sometimes in the public eye serving the never-ending hunger of college students, and sometimes behind-the-scenes doing housekeeping work to ensure everything gets back to normal between semesters.

According to Eback, she got her start at LRSC pretty simply: “I needed a job and applied.”

Thanks to that straightforward approach, the college found an individual who added a bit of long-term stability to the workforce.

“Jan is always dependable, she’s always here to get stuff done and make life easier,” said Dining Services Supervisor Rose Siebel. “She has fun with the faculty and the staff and helps things run smoother.”

Some of that fun came about in the creation of the “McJan,” a breakfast sandwich made-to-order that helped add a signature style amid the 70 meals served each morning out of the nearly 200 served each day. Over the course of more than 35 years, that added up. Eback, Siebel and others agreed that it easily added up to millions of meals served – service that amounted to the industrial efficiency of major fast food franchises, except with more home-cooked style and plenty of personal touch.

In her role in the kitchen, Eback makes sure everything was lined up and ready to go by 7 a.m. every morning – well in advance of the first students coming through before class. What kept her getting up early all these years? The people.

“I love all the students, faculty and staff. They all treat me so well. My boss does too, once in a while,” Eback joked. “It’s been good here.”

Quick with praise for colleagues and students alike, Eback only had one issue over the years at LRSC.

“My biggest problem was when they changed everything over to computer,” she said, noting that the change in systems was a lot to get used to, at first. “But I got it down, and it’s easy now!”

Outside of the college, Eback enjoys spending time with her family, including those who live locally and those who come to visit. Upon retiring this summer, she plans on “living the simple life,” and only work part-time.

“I’d like to thank the faculty, staff, and President Doug Darling – plus all the past presidents,” Eback concluded, also thanking her former boss and co-worker, Myrna Unger, who retired five years ago. “And, most of all, all the students. It’s nice to see them when they come back to visit and I’m still here.”