DSU Staff Profile – Annika G. Plummer

March 27, 2018

It was as a student that Annika G. Plummer first got to know Dickinson State University. And it’s been working with and helping the students that’s kept her coming back.

Plummer works as the Administrative Secretary of the Dickinson State University Department of Agriculture and Technical Studies, a role she’s held since August 17, 2011. Well before she had taken on the role, she was a student at DSU, graduating with a B.S. in Business Administration with minors in Marketing, Management, and Leadership in 2004.

As part of her day-to-day responsibilities, Plummer noted that the bulk of her work was getting “to work with some great students!” Primarily, that meant working for Dr. Woodrow W. “Chip” Poland, Jr., the chair of the department. In this capacity, Plummer takes care of a wealth of tasks.

“If the students need paperwork completed, like Course Substitution forms, Pre-requisite Approval forms, Excess Load forms, and other similar forms, I take care of getting all of that paperwork started,” she said. “I manage Dr. Poland’s schedule and help schedule appointments for other professors in the department, too. I also give tours of the Ag Building to any prospective students. I can give a tour of all of main campus in 50 minutes and spend 20 minutes minimum just on my own building!

Plummer said the best part of the job was helping the students.

“I love working with the students. We have the best ones on campus!” she said. “They are all so respectful and considerate of me. Perhaps this is because I bake treats! J”

Plummer noted that her connection to the university and community was strengthened in part by the support she’s received through challenging times.

“The biggest change/challenge that happened in my life was when my husband passed away on January 25, 2012,” she said. “He was only 33 years old and I wasn’t yet 30. At that age, you never think such a thing could happen. I had only been working for DSU for five months, but my boss, Dr. Poland, was one of the first to show up at my house that morning to offer his support. The people in this department – the faculty and students – helped get me through a very rough time in my life. I couldn’t have done it without their support. Since he passed away, I have a better appreciation for life and how short life is. I am more apt today to ‘stop and smell the roses,’ so to speak, and let little things be little things. Focus on your family. Tell them you love them. Appreciate every moment!”

Outside of her role at DSU, Plummer is an active member of Sons of Norway and has visited the country twice. She also actively enjoys quilting as a member of the Loose Threads Quilt Guild out of Hebron, spends most of her summer weekends traveling to rodeos taking photos. Additionally, Plummer is a self-published author, releasing The Apple Story in 2016 and The Felt Heart last year. Both are illustrated by Scott Nelson of Solen. Plummer also had the distinction of being selected to the Rural Leadership North Dakota. She noted it would provide her with the opportunity to learn more about agriculture from North Dakota and beyond.

“This is a phenomenal opportunity for both me personally and for Dickinson State University,” she said. “I am in RLND Class VIII. Out of the previous seven classes, there have only been a handful of others involved with higher education in North Dakota and no representatives from Dickinson State University.”

Plummer noted that she was hopeful the RLND experience would be beneficial for herself and the university, adding that it continued to be a pleasure to work in her department.

“Every day is different as every student is different,” she said. “I am able to help people each and every day and love coming in to work. Life is great! Enjoy every moment.”