DCB Staff Profile – Howard Prouty

March 21, 2018

Howard Prouty has been working at the physical plant at Dakota College at Bottineau since 1984, or to be more precise, since Dec. 10, 1984, “at 7 a.m.”

That kind of precision seems to come naturally to the longtime staff member, who joked that he “stumbled upon an opening” at the school after working for a construction company. His prior job meant a multitude of tasks, but the role at DCB was more specific to boiler heating and plumbing.

Nearly 34 years later, he’s still at it. Prouty’s main focus and primary attention is with the boiler system, although he also manages work orders for the entire campus’s plumbing and heating needs.

“I just like coming to work every day,” Prouty noted. “The job is enjoyable. I appreciate the opportunity to work.”

Throughout that time, he stated one major change has been updating the heating system to include more of the campus.

“The heating system operated all of the campus except for the greenhouse and Molberg building until 2010,” Prouty noted. “The new heating system installed that year was a challenge because [of] learning a new system, and adding two buildings to one system.”

Denise Schroeter, DCB’s physical plant administrative assistant, said Prouty was a great person to work with.

“I have worked with Howard Prouty at DCB for many years. Howard is a conscientious, dependable worker, who is always on time,” Schroeter said. “As the boiler plant operator and plumber, he has been called back after hours literally hundreds of times. He is always willing to come in and take care of the problem. Howard assists with snow removal and is often at work clearing snow long before staff arrives for work. Congratulations to Howard on this recognition of his steadfast work for DCB.”

Outside of being a longtime member of the DCB staff, Prouty has been involved with maintaining the fairgrounds at Bottineau County Fair for 16 years. He also maintains a few apartments in town. Prouty said he likes to keep busy, and enjoys hunting and fishing.