State Board of Higher Education Creates Task Forces for Legislative Study

August 11, 2017

Letters were sent this week inviting several dozen people to participate in several task forces that will study reshaping higher education in North Dakota.


“Technology is disrupting every segment of our economy, and higher education has to address this new challenge. We have the choice to either drive disruption or be outpaced by it. As a leadership team, we will develop key initiatives around metric centered decision making that address research, technology transfer, operational efficiencies, and attainment. Organized task forces will start the dialogue and move us toward a working plan to keep higher education in North Dakota moving ahead in the 21st Century,” said Don Morton, chair of the State Board of Higher Education.


In Senate Bill 2003, the 65th Legislative Assembly established a study to address five key areas, primarily for community colleges in the state. At its June strategic planning retreat, the Board expanded the study to include the entire university system. The areas include shared administration; shared services, including a common course catalog; articulation agreements that link elementary, secondary, career and technical education to postsecondary certificates and associates degrees; centralized processing, and centralized services.


“We appreciate the Legislature’s and the Governor’s support, and we look forward to working together to bring about positive change to benefit our students and our state,” Morton said.


The task forces will begin their work at a kick-off meeting Sept. 27 at Lake Region State College.