North Dakota State University campus successes

June 30, 2017

NDSU, Sanford provide only sonography education in North Dakota

NDSU radiologic sciences and Sanford Health have partnered to offer students the opportunity to specialize in sonography or echocardiography, without having to pursue more education outside the state. Students complete two or more years of courses at NDSU followed by a 21-month full-time internship at Sanford Health, Fargo. “There are just so many options, paths and areas for growth with sonography,” said Laramie Johnson, who will begin classes in fall 2017. “I was thrilled to hear that this program was starting here in Fargo so that I could pursue my passion for sonography close to home.”


Study shows NDSU has major impact on region’s economy

A new external analysis shows NDSU is a significant contributor to the region’s economy, creating a total impact of $927.3 million in added income for fiscal 2015-2016. That is equivalent to supporting 11,886 jobs. Ways NDSU affects the economy include attracting visitors and students, generating start-up companies and educating the workforce.


NDSU faculty, students volunteer 1,200 hours at Emmons County Museum

NDSU public history students completed a successful field experience at the Emmons County Museum in Linton, North Dakota. Undergraduate and graduate students gained hands-on experience in their field. The community received more than 1,200 hours of volunteer service from NDSU-educated public historians.