Envision 2030 enters new phase

June 30, 2017

An ongoing strategic initiative of the North Dakota University System has entered into a new phase.

Envision 2030 began as an educational summit in May of 2016. The summit brought education-minded individuals and leaders together during a daylong event that helped set the tone for higher education in North Dakota. Following a morning’s worth of talks by state leaders, attendees broke into breakout groups to discuss how higher education intersected with the needs of Agriculture, Diversity, Energy, Health Care, Liberal Arts & Humanities, Manufacturing, Technology, Tomorrow’s Students and The Whole Student. Later last year, more inclusive discussions were held throughout  the system on these topics, which brought further perspective and detail to bear.

Following those conversations, a new Pillar discussion of Law was held, and Advisory Teams were created. Comprised of subject matter experts from their respective fields, these faculty, staff and representatives from business and industry worked in the subsequent months to deliver reports to system office and the State Board of Higher Education on how the many goals could be reached.

Chancellor Mark Hagerott said that without the teams’ work, the process for envisioning higher ed’s future as it intersects with so many workforce and student needs would have taken much longer.

“Thanks to the feedback we’ve received, we think we’ve managed to build a good consensus through this effort,” Hagerott said. “Now, system office personnel will move forward in reviewing the goals from all the advisory teams, and work to prioritize them over the summer.”

The draft reports from the advisory teams, and further information relating to Envision 2030, can be found here.