CTS team awarded

April 26, 2017

Five Core Technology Services personnel were recently honored for their work across the North Dakota University System.

Janna Kruckenberg, Sara Narveson, Ericka Westphal, Erica White and Amanda Kuzel received the Inspire 2017 award at an annual conference held by Kofax in Nashville, Tennessee. The award came after the team was nominated for using Perceptive Content across the university system’s 11 public colleges and universities to unify data into one centralized system.

According to Kofax, recipients are selected for their innovative implementations of Kofax products and solutions resulting in enhanced customer engagement, improved service, reduced costs and competitive advantage. The CTS team was selected as one of three finalists on April 11 and was named the winner April 24.

Perceptive Content had been in use by about half the college and universities previously. Direction from the State Board of Higher Education to consolidate systems prompted the further implementation of the software at remaining campuses. According to documentation filed with the team’s nomination, the overall initiative undertaken by the team enabled a “faster, simpler exchange of student records, increasing data security and reducing costs.”

Kruckenberg, lead application analyst, had stated that the implementation was undertaken as a sort of phased rollout.

“For institutions that were using Perceptive Content for the first time, we didn’t want to overwhelm them by giving them too much too soon,“ Kruckenberg previously noted. “We started by focusing solely on storage: bringing their documents onto Perceptive Content, indexing them and establishing retention policies.”

Once that was accomplished and teams were comfortable with the software, then management capabilities were included.

Assistant CIO for Enterprise Solutions Jody French offered congratulations to all involved.

“We in CTS also want to recognize all of the NDUS institutions who worked to successfully implement document imaging at their campuses and Madhavi Marasinghe, former Enterprise Services Director, who provided initial leadership for this project,” French said.

Kruckenberg was interviewed by Kofax’s Russ Gould about the team’s achievement. That interview was posted here.

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