NDUS spring enrollment numbers out

March 9, 2017

Numbers comparable to spring 2016 term throughout system

Student body numbers have remained relatively consistent compared to last year at the same time throughout the North Dakota University System, a new report shows. While five-year trends are down by two percent overall, that number amounts to roughly 100 students from an overall student population of more than 40,000. Compared to 10 years ago, the student body has grown 11 percent from 39,968 to 44,342.


Bismarck State College remains the third largest institution in the system with a reported student head count of 3,653, a slight decrease from 3,751 last year.


Dakota College at Bottineau has seen a slight increase in its student head count since last year. According to the most recent numbers, the official count for spring 2017 semester is 789 students, up from 717 last year at the same time.


Dickinson State University indicated a spring 2017 enrollment that increased from last year at the same time, 1,295 then and 1,334 now.



Lake Region State College indicated a spring 2017 enrollment that had dropped slightly, from 1,843 last spring to 1,748 now


Mayville State University has shifted slightly down in student head count, from a total of 1,044 during spring 2016 to 1,016 now.


Minot State University saw a slight decrease in official head count numbers since last year, from 3,180 then to 3,126 now.


North Dakota State College of Science has decreased slightly from 2,951 last year to 2,851 at the time of this report.


North Dakota State University indicated slight decrease from last spring when the student head count was at 13,479. Spring 2017 numbers indicate a current head count of 13,323.


The University of North Dakota has decreased from last spring, from a reported head count of 14,277 to a current head county of 13,927.


Valley City State University’s student population increased from a recorded head count last spring of 1,345 to a current total of 1,407.


Williston State College increased its head count as well, from a total 1,028 last spring to 1,168 now.