North Dakota University System Foundation takes part in Giving Hearts Day

February 8, 2017

As part of its ongoing fundraising efforts to raise money for public higher education, in the state, the North Dakota University System Foundation is taking part in Giving Hearts Day this week.

The 10th Annual Giving Hearts Day will take place Thursday, Feb. 9 thanks to the continued efforts of the Dakota Medical Foundation and its partnering organizations.

North Dakota University Foundation’s mission is to provide scholarships to students, awards to faculty members, and help support other initiatives to the entire university system. Through participation in Giving Hearts Day, the NDUS Foundation hopes to raise more funding for those efforts. More than $4,000 in donations have already been pledged for the purpose of serving as matching funds.

Dr. Kevin Melicher, NDUS Foundation president, said he’s hopeful that the foundation’s participation in Giving Hearts Day will help raise the bar and awareness for the organization’s mission.

“Our goal is to make the North Dakota University System Foundation a well-known entity and Giving Hearts Day, thanks to the Dakota Medical Foundation, will help provide that opportunity,” Melicher said. “By increasing our fundraising footprint, we can increase the number of student scholarships, faculty awards and other system initiatives that can be funded through our foundation.

To donate, go to and search for “North Dakota University System Foundation.”

The foundation was founded in 1991 and maintains status as a 501(c)(3) organization with a broadly stated purpose of supporting, enriching, advancing and improving higher education in the state. The foundation provides a giving program for families and institutions to donate to higher education and not just one single college or university.

UPDATE (2-13-2017): As part of the Giving Hearts Day donation drive, the NDUS Foundation raised $8,555.00.