Dickinson State University Campus Successes

February 25, 2015

Sgt. Reckless – The Equine Hero of the Korean War: DSU Agriculture Building hosted Robin Hutton, New York Times Bestselling Author of “Sgt. Reckless America’s War Horse.’ In addition to Mr. Hutton, Art Sickler-Sgt. Reckless’s caretaker during the Korean War was also in attendance. This event detailed the heroic actions of this war horse that defended her soldiers and helped save their lives.


Alcohol Awareness Through the Arts: The Sixth Annual Alcohol Awareness through the Arts show was an event on January 29th, 2015. The show was a variety of dances, music, readings, and student art pieces. This program was entirely student led and was aimed to bring awareness to binge drinking on college campuses.


Department of Natural Science Professors Published in a National Science Journal: Dickinson State University’s Dr. Eric Brevik (Department Chair and Professor of Geology and Soils) and Dr. Lynn Burgess (Professor of Biology) published “The Influence of Soils on Human Health” in Journal Nature Education Knowledge.  Dr. Lynn Burgess specializes in Toxicology and has a research lab on campus.