Williston State College Campus Successes

February 25, 2015

Record Spring Enrollment: With a 13.24% increase from Spring 2014, Williston State College is at record high with a headcount of 1,009.  Enrollment projections are even better.  While Spring 2015 has shown record numbers with an increase of 13.24%, this Fall applications have had a 60% increase over Fall 2014.

College Night: Williston State College hosted a well-attended College Night on Feb 12. WSC’s Enrollment Services was available to answer any questions or concerns with admissions, dual credit, financial aid, or scholarships. With Fall applications on the rise to due to the Williams Co. Scholarship, enrollment services is also hosting college nights at area high schools throughout February.

$100,000 Donation: A large anonymous donation will be making a difference at Williston State College this spring.  A local family anonymously donated $100,000 to Williston State College for their technical programs. The gift has been equally distributed between TrainND and the diesel, welding, nursing, and agriculture departments.