NDUS launches public dashboards to track strategic plan progress, demonstrate accountability

December 18, 2014

Today, the North Dakota University System launched its public strategic plan dashboards. The dashboards illustrate the measurable objectives behind the main goals of the plan through an interactive website.

“The Board’s new strategic plan is an exciting direction for the system, but the plan is only as strong as the follow through,” said Board Chair Kirsten Diederich. “These dashboards allow us to showcase our progress on these goals and hold ourselves visibly accountable to achieving them.”

NDUSedge Dashboard Homepage

The State Board of Higher Education’s 2015-2020 strategic plan is built on four goals: deliver degrees that are the best value in the nation; provide programs people want, where and when they need them; equip students for success; and maximize the strengths of the unified system. Each of these goals is supported by objectives, or strategies, that will be used to achieve the goals. And, each objective is further broken down into measurable indicators that illustrate progress on that objective.

Built on that hierarchy, the NDUS dashboards allow users to drill down into their topic areas of choice and see where NDUS stands by selecting the appropriate goal and objective. Once on the objective page, users can click the appropriate graph to view institution-level data for many indicators, as well. Those indicators with institutional data are marked. Pages that may need more explanation or context contain a question mark in the top-right corner. The question mark leads users to a data definitions page that helps explain the terms used in the measurements.

1.1C dashboard screenshot

“As a system of public institutions, the public has the right to know how we are doing on a variety of measures. These dashboards allow any and all stakeholders to see where we stand on things like retention rates, affordability and fulfilling workforce needs in one convenient place,” said Diederich.

The dashboards currently contain baseline data for each indicator from the most recent year for which data is available. The indicator data will be updated at least annually as strategic plan milestones are achieved. For more information about the strategic plan – The NDUS Edge – visit ndus.edu/board/strategic-plan. To view the dashboards, click here or select “Measurement Dashboards” on the NDUS homepage (ndus.edu).