Hundreds attend NDSU Nursing at Sanford Health ceremony

October 29, 2014

Hundreds attend NDSU Nursing at Sanford Health ceremony

The inaugural White Coat Ceremony for NDSU Nursing at Sanford Health was Oct. 19, drawing an estimated 550 to 600 people. 102 students who received white coats, along with family and friends, attended. Overwhelming enthusiasm for joining the Bismarck nursing program with NDSU was repeated in presentations during and conversations after the event.


Students benefit from Higher Education Challenge Fund

NDSU students are benefiting from Higher Education Challenge funds. The program provided $203,000 to help fund a cutting-edge food production lab used by about 200 dietetics and hospitality and tourism management students. The program also provided a $1 million match to the Challey School of Music’s endowment campaign, which provides scholarships and graduate assistantships.


NDSU receives $1 million endowment for adult learners

NDSU has received a $1 million endowment from the Bernard Osher Foundation for scholarships for adult learners. The endowment will allow NDSU to award at least 10 scholarships of up to $5,000 each year. Twenty-one students have already received scholarships from grants the foundation has provided the last two years.