SBHE to tour oil patch, stay in crew camp

May 28, 2014

neset consulting

Neset Consulting’s office in Tioga where the Board meeting will be held.

At the invitation of Board member Kathleen Neset, the State Board of Higher Education is meeting at Neset Consulting in Tioga this month. To take full advantage of this opportunity to see the state’s largest economic force in person, the board members and NDUS staff will be attending a Hess Corporation “Follow the Barrel” tour. The tour will take them to the EN-Ortloff B05 Drilling Site, the Tioga Gas Plant and the Tioga Rail Terminal.  This is a great opportunity for Board members to see how the oil industry works firsthand, and become better education on what it takes for workers and communities to succeed in this “new” North Dakota. While in Tioga, the Board members will be staying at a crew camp to get the full oil patch experience.

Thank you to Hess and Neset Consulting for hosting the State Board of Higher Education.