NDUS Hosts Higher Learning Commission Advisory Visit

May 27, 2014

ncahlc_org_On April 28-29, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) visited the system office in Bismarck. NDUS supplied the HLC team with a great deal of information in preparation for their visit to the system. While here, the team interviewed the presidents of the institutions, university system staff, the Board, and a group of legislators.

The purpose for the visit was two-fold: one, to follow up on a complaint from last year and, two, to look into the potential impact of Measure 3 on accreditation – if voters approve it on November 4.

In short, Measure 3 seeks to change the governance of the university system from the eight-member State Board of Higher Education to a three-member commission, thus eliminating the voting student member position, as well as the faculty and staff advisers. It also takes the names and missions of the NDUS institutions out of the Constitution and eliminates the single, unified budget.

The HLC has not yet given their opinion regarding Measure 3. However, the advisory team did say that if the measure passes, the enabling legislation will be a big part of what determines their conclusion.

“Overall, I think the visit went very well,” said Larry C. Skogen, NDUS interim chancellor. “We won’t know the results of their report for a few months, but I am very confident that we had an excellent visit with the Higher Learning Commission.”

The HLC advisory team will report its findings from the visit to Sylvia Manning, HLC president, who will then determine her recommendation.