North Dakota State University campus successes

October 1, 2018

New endowed scholarship fund established for first-year students

Fargo native Bradford Freeman has established a $1.5 million scholarship endowment at NDSU. It will support North Dakota, Minnesota and international students who have solid academic credentials. Freeman scholarships will be available to first-year students and can be renewed for three years. The fund will help talented students complete their studies, establish careers and have a positive effect on the state, region and world.


Council broadens support for student health and wellness

The President’s Council for Campus Well-Being has broadened its mission to include a range of student health and wellness issues. The group includes faculty, staff and student leaders who work to holistically consider factors that lead to student well-being. It previously focused on alcohol and other drugs and steadily improved the campus environment over a decade. It has expanded its scope to further address student well-being, which contributes to academic success.


New mobile app helps students manage education

NDSU has a new mobile app to help students stay organized and connect with resources, such as tutoring and mental health services. It provides access to class schedules, faculty and adviser contact information, and appointment scheduling. It also offers individualized to-do lists, tips for success and reminders about important deadlines. The tool is designed to nudge students to take action on items that will lead to success in college and on-time graduation.