Williston State College campus successes

February 23, 2018

WSC receives substantial assistance from STAR Fund

Four Williston State College projects were awarded a total of $12,000 from the STAR Fund, an initiative from the Williston City Commission to help finance local business and community improvement initiatives.

Submitted to the City of Williston Economic Development Board, groups from around the area are given the opportunity to submit grant applications to fund various projects. Four WSC staff members that successfully applied were Amanda Piesik, Cailtin Pallai, Shanna Curlin, Karissa Kjos, and Jenny Wolf.


WSC Foundation Adds Academic Scholarship

Each year the WSC Foundation creates something bigger and better for future WSC students. Beginning Fall 2018 graduates from Western North Dakota, Eastern Montana, Southern Saskatchewan or Southern Manitoba, Canada who have either passed six credits of Early Entry (dual credit) through WSC, have a cumulative high school GPA of a 2.75+, or an ACT score of 20+ (SAT equivalent) may be eligible to receive the WSC Foundation’s new Academic Achievement Award (AAA).

The Fall 2018 AAA mimics the Williams and Regional County Scholarships but expands past the nine current counties.

The Fall 2018 AAA will cover between 12-16 credits of tuition and fees for any eligible 2018 graduates from Western North Dakota or Eastern Montana and $1500 per semester  for eligible Southern Saskatchewan and Southern Manitoba, Canadian students who plan to attend WSC this fall.


WSC Enrollment Numbers Released

Official census numbers released today have Spring 2018 headcount at 1,164 making it WSC’s second highest overall enrollment, and only down slightly compared to last spring’s record-breaking headcount total of 1,168.

Part-time, online and Early Entry (Dual-Credit) students are up when compared to Spring 2017, but WSC saw its decrease in credit hours due to fewer full-time students.