Minot State University campus successes

December 5, 2017

MSU sends 11 to Peace Garden Conference

Students from Minot State University and their counterparts from Brandon (Manitoba) University met Oct. 20 for the 65th Annual Peace Garden Conference for an event titled, “Canada and the US: Then and Now.”

The event was co-sponsored by the Minot State University League of Social Science and featured 11 MSU students and political science professor Jynette Larshus. According to the MSU League of Social Science president Michaela Brost, the event was student run, giving them a hands-on experience.


Tech Day attracts students from across the region

The 20th annual installment of Minot State University Technology Day brought students from across the region to the MSU campus for a day-long event filled with competitions.

Testingfeatured Accounting, Business Communication, Business Law, Desktop Publishing, Document Production, Introduction to Business, Presentation Software and Spreadsheet. The Amazing Tech Day Race followed with a pizza and ice cream lunch/awards presentation concluding the events.

Schools scheduled to participate include Berthold, Bowbells, Burke Central, Des Lacs-Burlington, Kenmare, Powers Lake, South Prairie, Stanley, Surrey, TGU-Granville, TGU-Towner, Tioga, Underwood, and Westhope. The school with the most points for placements in all competitions will receive a sweepstakes trophy.


Francis named October High Five Award winner

Amanda Francis, Publication and Design Services, was named Minot State University’s October High Five Award winner. Francis was also nominated in January and April 2017.

Staff Senate prompted the creation of the MSU High Five Award to recognize staff members who serve Minot State University by exemplifying outstanding service through their work and exhibiting positive and supportive attitudes.