Dickinson State University campus successes

October 5, 2017

Dickinson State sees enrollment growth for the second year

Monday, Sept. 18, 2017, marked the fourth week census for the Dickinson State University campus community. The census report reflects a total head-count enrollment of 1425 students. This is an increase from 1386 students in fall 2016 and represents more than an 8 percent growth compared to fall 2015 enrollments of 1317 students.


Retention rates improve at Dickinson State

The percentage of first-time, full-time students enrolled in fall 2016, who returned to Dickinson State in fall 2017, increased by 10 percent resulting in 64 percent retention of this cohort. This is significant in that the average retention of this cohort for the previous five years was 55 percent.


Dickinson State University announces School of Business and Entrepreneurship

The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education recently granted approval for the Department of Business and Management at Dickinson State University to form the School of Business and Entrepreneurship.

As the largest field of study, at approximately a quarter of the total campus enrollment per year, the School of Business and Entrepreneurship’s mission is to educate and prepare skilled, principled, and entrepreneurial graduates who will have a positive impact in their professions, their companies and their communities.