Enrollment numbers at DSU ahead of historical averages

February 24, 2014

Enrollment numbers at DSU ahead of historical averages – Enrollment at Dickinson State University for the 2014 spring semester is 1404 students.  This is 97% of the fall 2013 enrollment of 1449.  Average enrollment for spring semesters over the last five years, compared with the respective fall term, is 87%.  Last year, (2012-13), spring enrollment was 88% of fall.

Planning firm hired for Theodore Roosevelt Center at Dickinson State University – In response to the North Dakota state legislature’s Senate Bills 2018 and 2003, Hilferty & Associates Inc. was hired to assist DSU in the planning effort to construct a facility to house the Theodore Roosevelt presidential library. Community forums will be held to discuss the future of the Theodore Roosevelt Center and its place in the city and region.

Strom Executive Series Begins This Month – Promoting excellence in learning and service to the region, speakers from our region, including Dean Gorder of the North Dakota Trade Office and Dr. Kirsten Diederich of the SBHE, will share with student and community leaders their thoughts and insights on how to lead in organizations.  This 3 month series begins in February. Full event and speaker information is available online at: www.dickinsonstate.edu/stromseries