Bismarck State College campus successes

May 17, 2017

Student-produced newscast aired live May 11

BSC’s Comm 292 class aired its TV show, MystiCast, live on May 11. MystiCast is a bimonthly video news broadcast program recorded and posted online. Every episode is entirely student driven. Past MystiCast episodes along with bonus interviews and other clips are available at


BSC honors alumni

Bismarck legislator Bob Martinson was named Alumnus of the Year, and Justin Reinicke was BSC’s Rising Star. The Frank and Barbara Gilchrist family was named this year’s Legacy Family award recipients. All recipients were honored May 11 by the BSC National Alumni Association.


BSC Carpentry House hits the market

Every year, students in the BSC Carpentry program learn all aspects of residential carpentry by building a single-family home. The year’s house is currently on the market and proceeds from the sale help to sustain the program. This year’s house was designed through a collaboration between BSC Carpentry and Plain View Design Co. of Bismarck.