Lake Region State College campus successes

May 17, 2017

Business programs open doors at LRSC

Business-related programs at Lake Region State College now have more options for students looking at advancing career options or transferring for higher degrees.

The State Board of Higher Education approved a change in the Associate in Arts Degree for Accounting & Business Administration to an Associate in Arts Degree in Business Administration with emphasis in one of three areas – Accounting, Marketing, or Management.

“This degree strengthens our entire business division,” said Dr. Doug Darling, LRSC President. “Our Accounting & Business Administration and Marketing/Management programs have always been strong, but now we are giving students an option to emphasize in one of these areas in an AA degree. It meets student and employer needs for a successful future in the workforce.”


LRSC receives grant to promote OER

Teresa Tande and Jessica Santini have received a $24,500 grant from DPI to promote OER usage among dual credit teachers. June 13 and 14 pre-registered dual credit instructors from any NDUS institution who teach ENG 110, ENG 120, COMM 110, or MATH 103 will attend a workshop to learn about OERs and work directly with some, creating resources for immediate use in the classroom.

All instructors of those classes are invited to attend, but dual credit instructors specifically will be awarded a $400 stipend to attend both days.  BSC also has its own grant, but the two institutions have collaborated on schedule and content; also, the math presenter will be from BSC. If you are interested, please contact