Bottineau Children’s Academy: A Joint Venture Between DCB & Economic Development Corporation

January 15, 2014

Construction has begun on the Bottineau Children’s Academy – a cooperative venture between Bottineau’s Economic Development Corporation and DCB. Targeted opening for the center is June, 2014. The facility will have capacity to serve 51 children and will include a pre-school program. The building is located on DCB property, thus will provide easy access for students, faculty, and staff.

On December 3, DCB held its first annual Honors Symposium. The symposium highlighted the work of the students enrolled in the college’s honors program. The program is a component of DCB’s Nature, Technology, and Beyond focus that aspires to convince students to go beyond normal expectations and consists of learning opportunities aimed at preparing them for a lifetime of achievement. A main goal of the program is to provide an environment where students are responsible for their own learning. Honors program faculty invite students to explore their academic interests and to intellectually challenge themselves.

The Dakota College Drama Club presented LumberActs – A Night of Improv on December 9, and on December 11, the Art and Photography Department presented their Fall Student Art Show. Both of these events support the DCB mission of providing opportunities for student growth and success.