NDUS tracking audits closely

August 1, 2015

​A new tool has been rolled out by the North Dakota University System that will allow it to simplify tracking the progress of recommendations from issued audits.

The tool is available for authorized employees to view audits of the system itself or of individual campuses. Every audit does not appear, although those with open recommendations do. On a quarterly basis, the system office compiles a preliminary report which includes all outstanding recommendations.  The individual institutions and System staff then provide updated implementation progress which is incorporated into the final quarterly report.

Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs Laura Glatt said that audits had always been tracked, but the new tool enabled NDUS to track them online. A previous tracking mechanism existed although became outdated in recent years.  Glatt noted that Special Projects Assistant Laura Anne Schratt had been asked to assume this task on a temporary basis and has been able to update it using newer tools and technology.

“The nice thing about the new tool is it will allow users to update on a shared site, and executives and others internal to the NDUS to access the site to regularly monitor status,” Glatt said.

“This information needed to be easily accessible to the 11 institutions and NDUS office & CTS staff who are responsible for following up on these recommendations,” Schratt said, adding that months of work earlier in the year had showed definitive results. “We began working on updating the audit tracking workbook in early March. The SharePoint site was launched at the end of May.”

The tracking site follows issued audits for all 11 colleges and universities, as well as the NDUS System Office and Core Technology Services. Schratt said these could be financial, operational or performance audits.

Within the site, contents may be viewed multiple ways, including a campus-specific format that allows the user to view all documents related uniquely to that campus. Regardless of the view, updated reports will begin being posted on a quarterly basis beginning with the second quarter of 2015.

As new audit recommendations are finalized they will be added to the audit tracking workbook until complete.

A high level management report on audit recommendation status is under development and will be used to provide periodic updates to the SBHE Audit Committee and other NDUS executives.