Dickinson State University campus successes – July

August 7, 2015

DSU Receives $1.4 Million to Continue Hosting TRiO

Dickinson State University was recently funded more than $1.4 million to host the TRiO Student Support Services program for academic years 2015-16 through 2019-20. This funding will be used to provide assistance to 200 students each year for the next five years.


NIT & DSU Collaborate to Provide Opportunities

Northern Industrial Training (NIT) has partnered with DSU to provide an opportunity for individuals who are enrolled in the commercial driver training program at NIT to concurrently complete 15 credits at DSU, online or face to face, and receive a Certificate of Completion in Business Fundamentals. The certificate includes courses in: accounting, finance, spreadsheets, and management and leadership.


Margaret Sanger Papers Project Images to Join TR Digital Library

The Theodore Roosevelt Center at DSU is publishing online images from the Margaret Sanger Papers Project, a historical editing project sponsored by the Division of Libraries at New York University. This collection includes magazine and newspaper articles, as well as speeches given by Sanger. The items illustrate the intense disagreement between Sanger and Theodore Roosevelt, particularly about birth control and reproductive rights.