Valley City State University campus successes – June

July 1, 2015

Faculty participate in teaching academy
Fifteen select VCSU faculty members participated in the third annual Summer Teaching Academy on campus May 19–21, 2015. Led by the university’s six-member Instructional Design Team, the academy focused on strategies to improve teaching and learning at VCSU, especially in regard to efficiency, innovation and technology.


Student research projects recognized
Eight collaborative student-faculty research projects were funded in VCSU’s Student Opportunities for Undergraduate Research (SOAR) program and recognized at a May 6 banquet on campus. Awarded projects included:

  • Monika Brown (Dina Zavala-Petherbridge, M.A.), “Entransed: The Making of a Transnational Woman”
  • Tarah Cleveland (Razib Iqbal, Ph.D.), “Investigating a New Approach to Web Visitor Engagement Measurement”
  • Niklas Ernst (Luis da Vinha, Ph.D.), “The Unfinished Presidencies: Why Incumbent Presidents Lose Their Reelection Campaigns”
  • Cassy Gilbertson and Kaylee Johnson (Karri Dieken, M.F.A.), “3D Printing K-12 Project Curriculum”
  • Maxwell Kollar (Hilde van Gjissel, Ph.D.), “Creating a Bacterial Mercury Sensor Using Synthetic Biology”
  • Logen Olesen (Susan Kilgore, Ph.D.), “The Use of Sand Fraction Lithology Analysis to Differentiate Sediment Layers at an Archaeological Site in Grand Portage, Minnesota”
  • Eric Schauer (Gary Ketterling, Ph.D.), “Engineering an Autonomous Ecosystem for Use in Science Classrooms”
  • Justin Tangen (Andre DeLorme, Ph.D.), “Using Side-Scanning Sonar to Detect Mussel Beds in North Dakota Rivers”