NDUS Presents to Senate Appropriations Committee

March 25, 2015

Beginning at 9:30 on Monday morning, the State Board of Higher Education, the North Dakota University System Office and all of the institutions in the NDUS presented their budget cases to the Senate Appropriations Committee, chaired by Sen. Ray Holmberg. Board Vice Chair Kathy Neset led with a discussion of the vision, directions and challenges facing the Board, campuses and higher education in the future. The Chancellor and System Office presented its view of the baseline budget as it relates to the system and governance, and then the individual campuses gave their presentations on that topic. The University of North Dakota was the first institution to present, and the rest followed until the presentations wrapped up on Wednesday. The attached report was distributed ‚Äčto the Committee as a general overview piece, as well as the strategic plan and dashboards overview presentation. Each campus also had handouts and individual presentations.

Click here for the full NDUS Legislative Report.