NDChoose.com: Mobile-friendly website makes choosing a college easier than ever

January 28, 2015

This time last year, the North Dakota University System (NDUS) launched NDChoose.com, a website dedicated to helping students find the North Dakota college or university that clicks with them. This year, the site got some tweaks and additional functionality to make it even simpler for students and parents to use. Using cutting edge technology, NDChoose.com meets students where they already are – online – and provides them with interactive tools to make choosing a college easier.

NDChoose Screen Shot 2015

Designed using parallax scrolling techniques, NDChoose.com takes students and their parents from making the choice to go to college all the way through securing housing once they’re enrolled.

“This site offers a simple way for students and parents to learn more about what our colleges and universities have to offer,” said Interim Chancellor Larry C. Skogen. “By making this information interactive and easily accessible online, we are able to provide a valuable addition to the recruiting tools already available to our institutions.”

The home page includes information on the advantages of pursuing higher education and the opportunities available to students in North Dakota. Click the ‘Programs’ tab on NDChoose.com to see a full program listing of all the degrees offered by NDUS colleges and universities with direct links to the institutions that offer the desired program. Online programs are denoted by an ‘Available Online’ banner.

By clicking the ‘Colleges’ tab on the top, visitors are taken to pages highlighting each of the NDUS’s 11 colleges and universities. Each page serves as a snapshot of the college experience at these institutions complete with campus statistics, testimonials, videos and direct contact information for admissions, housing, financial aid and more. To streamline the process even more, just click the ‘Apply Online’ button on each college page to be directed straight to their online application or choose ‘Academic Programs’ for a full listing of the programs that institution offers.

NDChoose Checklist for Admission

NDChoose.com is the most recent installment in the Project Vital Link campaign. Project Vital Link was launched by the State Board of Higher Education in November 2002 in an effort to attract more high school students to North Dakota University System colleges and universities. This initiative was developed to provide that “vital link” between high school and higher education for ND students in conjunction with campus recruiting efforts. All high school juniors and seniors in North Dakota, as well as high school counselors in North Dakota and surrounding states, receive a postcard directing them to this mobile- and tablet-friendly website. Supplemental print pieces are also sent to eighth graders and high school sophomores (and their counselors) with age appropriate content.

“It’s important to get students thinking about college, even before high school,” said Julie Kaspari, K-12 counselor at Milnor Public School in an interview last year. “That’s why I think this program, and the eighth-grade piece especially, is such a great resource for our students and our schools.”

The North Dakota University System is committed to helping students succeed in higher education and the workforce. NDChoose.com offers an easy way for potential students to learn more about the opportunities available in North Dakota and make an informed choice regarding which college or university clicks with them.