Mayville State University Legislative Priorities

January 28, 2015

MaSU is requesting funding adjustments which are included in the Executive Budget Recommendation. The governor’s funding model request reflects an adjustment for increased student credit hour production over the 2011-2013 total student credit hours produced, a total of $1,427,802. There is also an adjustment for rebalancing to bring the MaSU campus to the average of the top two highest funded campuses in the four-year tier group, $886,921. Taken together, the formula ultimately funds MaSU at $120.32 per student credit hour. MaSU FTE enrollment increased by 13% from the fall semester of 2011 to the fall of 2014.

MaSU is also looking to increase the campus security staffing by $405,500. This would provide three FTE positions for three eight-hour shifts to achieve coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A request for an additional $154,494 for extraordinary repairs has been made, along with requests for two one-time expenditures: $228,285 to pay off special assessments, which would save the cost of interest charges, and campus security improvements of $435,000 for security camera upgrades, changes in door locks, and outdoor lighting improvements.