Minot State University Legislative Priorities

January 28, 2015

Capital Project (new construction) – Career and Technical Education building ($8,000,000)

Because of MiSU’s affiliation with Dakota College at Bottineau (DCB being a branch campus of MiSU), the two institutions are in a unique position to meet career and technical education and workforce training needs in Ward County (where no such facility currently exists). DCB is prepared to offer programs in areas such as health information, paramedic technology, medi­cal assisting, information technology, information management, business, caregiver services, and land management. The other two-year colleges in North Dakota would also be invited to offer in-demand one- and two-year CTE programs in this new facility. The project was prioritized and approved by the ND State Board of Higher Education and ranked #5 for systemwide program/accreditation priorities.


Deficiency Appropriation – 2010 rain event and 2011 flood ($2,000,579)

A rain event in 2010 caused overland flooding, resulting in damage to roads, landscaping, and parking lots on campus. Total restoration expense was $31,067. After FEMA reimbursements and state match, the remaining request is $27,965. In 2011, the Mouse River flood inundated the river valley in Minot. A clay dike along the entire southern border of campus protected buildings from all but minor water damage. However, damage to infrastructure systems (parking lots, sidewalks, access roads, curb/gutter, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, and utility tunnels) was significant. Total restoration expense was $2,220,959. After FEMA reimbursements, the remaining request is $1,972,614.