North Dakota State University Legislative Priorities

January 28, 2015

NDSU presented its 2015-2017 biennial budget request to the House Appropriations – Education and Environment Division on Jan. 21. The total base budget request was $26,579,806 for costs to continue, facility infrastructure and maintenance, and the Governor’s funding model increase. The optional funding request total was $1,732,589 for campus security and emergency preparedness. The request included a full-time equivalent emergency manager position to develop and implement plans required under SBHE Policy 906 to facilitate emergency preparedness on campus. It also included one-time funding for security cameras, surveillance equipment, keyless card entry and locking systems, as well as one-time funding for 2015-2017 special assessments installment payments.

The major capital project requests were $45,900,000 to replace Dunbar and $59,000,000 for accreditation projects. Dunbar II is NDSU’s No. 1 capital project priority and the SBHE No. 2 life-safety list priority. A Sudro Hall addition to comply with the pharmacy program’s accreditation requirements is NDSU’s No. 2 capital project priority and the SBHE’s No. 1 program/accreditation priority. New construction to address engineering accreditation concerns is NDSU’s No. 3 capital project priority.