Valley City State University Legislative Priorities

January 28, 2015

Proposed VCSU Capital Projects

Valley City State University has urgent needs for two capital projects: to construct a new Communication and Fine Arts Building and to replace an outdated, inadequate Campus Heating Plant.

The new Communication and Fine Arts Building will replace Foss Music Hall, an impediment to permanent flood protection along the Sheyenne River. In addition to consolidating the art, theatre and music programs in one facility, the building will include the communication arts and the language and literature departments. By shuffling classrooms and offices, this will also allow for the razing of McCarthy Hall. Estimated at $25.8 million, the project will facilitate the installation of permanent flood protection along the river and allow VCSU to retire more than $7.7 million in deferred maintenance by razing both Foss and McCarthy halls.

VCSU’s heating plant needs to be replaced because outdated boilers in an inadequate facility threaten the university’s ability to provide heat to campus buildings. Installation of a new, energy-efficient boiler system will result in energy-cost savings, along with providing redundant fuel-source capabilities. Construction of a new heating plant is estimated at $14.3 million; the new plant will expand capacity to accommodate future campus growth and eliminate more than $12.4 million of deferred maintenance. Plans call for the removal of the existing facility and replacement with a new heating plant on the same physical footprint.